a dream – in the presence of the ancients – baobab series –

raindance in modjadjismall

In the dream, in the details that remain with me, for it has been many days since the dreaming… the gathering of sounds were cradled like cantos in the poetry of the midnight air locked within the arms of branches. And as I listened to what must have been the starlight, for in the dream it was the sound of light and colour, the branches became the forms of women revealed. They were the embodiment of women that I knew and recognized, albeit some never met, some known well to me and others not as well-known but more like the promises of revelations to come… and yet all held about them a sense of treasure, wisdom and grace. I moved among them as if I was the breath of a song and as the song grew within my heart, the light refracted into kaleidoscopes of sound and it was as if the tree and all the gatherings of friends became a chalice for the iridescent sky.

About Jenny Reyneke Art

My earliest memories are of pens, paper, paint, pastels and poetry. They delight me still.
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2 Responses to a dream – in the presence of the ancients – baobab series –

  1. charlee says:

    Your painting is remarkable, every inch of it – I can find some new emotion within close to my heart. What is astounding – is that – when I think of that – it begins to evolve, and continue to create within itself new emotions I never expected.


    • reynekeart says:

      wow Charlee, what a great comment! I am so pleased you shared it! thank you x You describe very much what it felt like for me painting this magnificent tree – so different to my usual style. For me it was pure journey into unexplored eomtions too.


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