I have been having some fun with virtual interior decorating

Often as artists, we rarely get to see the spaces where our paintings find their place, and to that end I have been fooling around with googled interior decor images and GIMP to imagine what they would look like in different settings.

baobab decor

Awakening – Baobab series in an African decor theme

Abandoned Space

I found this image of an abandoned house in the desert and thought that a touch of blue may just spruce it up a bit

becoming interior

A touch of gold in a more traditional decor theme


A bit of Mischief to contrast against the white

A few of my facebook artist friends wanted to know how I’d created the images so I created a demo (I have not doubt that there are better ways to do this and that my demo is naively done – but it was all in the name of fun and perhaps you’ll enjoy creating your own virtual decors with GIMP – So here it is)

About Jenny Reyneke Art

My earliest memories are of pens, paper, paint, pastels and poetry. They delight me still.
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