The Wild Ones


It has been many months, many wanderings since my last post. Thank you for being here.

It is the small hours of an early Saturday morning and I find myself once again in my studio after 6 weeks of backbreaking madness. And the longing in me for some respite is strong. I thought towards the end of last year, that this year would be busy…  but never in my wildest dreams imagined that it would be this busy.

I am not as yet a fulltime artist. I am not in my little dream house in the Karoo quietly wandering the endlessness. I am not sad about this … life has a rather beautiful way of falling into colour irrespective of my plans.

I feel the ‘quickening’ – for this is how it feels – a rush of furious activity where I have barely been able to find time to pause… much less sleep. I wonder whether the telltale signs of this can be seen in my work?

I have not words to describe them… they have been conversations of anticipation and exuberant joy!

What would I be without Art? 🙂

About Jenny Reyneke Art

My earliest memories are of pens, paper, paint, pastels and poetry. They delight me still.
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