We are the dreams we keep

In the dream…Perhaps because I have had my nose in a book.. I dreamt that I was walking through a book of leaves. Each page that turned, a corridor of new and undiscovered art leading to places wild and secret. Tall walls of words that moved and gathered to form a forest of thoughts in ink and transformed to colour as I passed, much like the seasons change the aspect of a tree.

The corridors became a maze of meanings and though I hoped to pause to dwell on their wisdom, something drew me on down avenues of murmuring guardians and sentinels. In the manner of dreams… I found myself within a clearing at the centre of these bodies of profoundly beautiful and yet transient works and the colours that had followed me fused to a deep firelike orange, so wildly warm and yet not threatening. And where the colours fused 3 openings appeared and at each a vision of myself. But not quite myself for I seemed different; foreign, ancient and regal. And each ‘unself’ stood before a different path and in the dream I knew that I must choose.

Instead… I woke up.

Oil studies on paper to celebrate the wedding weekend at Verkykerskop of Y’ael and Matt

About Jenny Reyneke Art

My earliest memories are of pens, paper, paint, pastels and poetry. They delight me still.
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