That is all

Journal entry 12 January 2017

I find that I am questioning my art, my vision. For I don’t think that I have either. I think that I am a painter who draws with brushes and that I paint symbols of moments that move me. If these are  seen to be illustrative, I do listen to this kind of critique… but I then ask myself whether I could do any different? Would the story of the moment be any different if I had applied any other technique at the time of creating? If I placed a focal point tree a little more to the side instead of straight slap-bang in the middle of the composition, would it have said more or less of what I needed it to say even though what most people will see is a tree in the middle of a canvas?

So I think about these things and I make decisions whether to listen or not. Generally, I do listen. Generally the opinions of artists I admire are taken very much to heart.

But this early morning, I have a skip in my brush and the stories and symbols must out. And I must paint them; the illustrative owls, the complexity of a tree, the depth of the ocean, the endlessness of a landscape.

And I must paint them as if I am new to them… like a first lover when the body is still very much a mystery and a surprise.

I am a painter of these things I love.

That is all.



About Jenny Reyneke Art

My earliest memories are of pens, paper, paint, pastels and poetry. They delight me still.
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One Response to That is all

  1. josh says:

    Good on you Jenny!
    I wish I had your endurance.
    See you at your upcoming solo.


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