The Artist

Landscapes and the places I have been have always held deep significance for me. In the painting of these spaces I love, I find that my work is a form of meditation and definitely an expression of gratitude.

I often celebrate people who have been integral in my life through the medium of landscapes. By this I mean that the feelings and expressions that they evoke in me are translated to colour.

I have been painting in oils for 2 dedicated years now, finding my inspiration in predominantly South African landscapes. I find it hard to paint places that I have never been, never breathed. Often when I revisit a place on canvas, it is to walk there again in my spirit and once again revisit the thoughts that found me there.

I am really glad that you are reading this blog now. Thank you for wandering into my virtual studio.

Jenny Reyneke

4 Responses to The Artist

  1. Hi Jenny
    We may be looking at new artists for our Gallery, If you may be interested please feel free to email me.



  2. Nina Pace says:

    Can people purchase your work? If so, where?


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